Tanning Prep Tips:

Preparing for your tan is one of the most important steps. View our Online Store to purchase sugar scrub. 
1) Exfoliate. This is very important to get the best results. We recommend using an exfoliating mitt (such as the perfect mitt) and a body scrub vs. a loofah. We have them available for purchase at the salon. 
2) Avoid Dove & Olay Soap: Dove & Olay soap will create a barrier that prevents the tan from developing and promote uneven fading during the length of the tan.
3)Avoid Lotion: Don't apply any lotion or products the day of and at least 4 hours prior.
4) Shaving: Preferably shave your legs the day before your tan instead of the day of for best results to make sure your pores are settled.
5)What to wear: This is up to you. Dress to your comfort level if you decide to wear anything please bring something old and dark. Male clients must wear some sort of bottom.
6) What to wear after: We suggest wearing dark baggy clothing and flip flops because you will feel slightly tacky.
7) What to expect: When you arrive for your first appointment we will discuss your tanning desires and skin type consultation, then mix your formula. The tan will take about 5 minutes then blow dry for 2 minutes. Then your done! Simple and Easy!