Tanning After care

60 % of your tan is how we apply the tan, the other 40% is how it is taken care of after you leave. For the best results we suggest using the recommended after care products and following these steps:
1) Wait at least 8-12 hours before you shower, sweat or apply lotions. (If using express your technician will tell you how long to wait.)
2) When showering, avoid harsh scrubbing. Using hands or a soft wash cloth with help make tan last longer. Perfect Tan Sunless  moisturizing body wash will add the extra hydration that normal soaps strip away. Please avoid DOVE and Olay as they strip the tan and fade faster. 
3)Make sure to pat dry!
4) Moisturize!!! This is the most important part! Make sure to avoid lotions with exfoliants in them. We carry lotions that are formulated to add color as your tan fades to make it less noticable. We highly suggest using Perfect Tan moisturizers and Perfect Tan exclusive tan extenders. 
5)Sunscreen: Airbrush tans don't protect you from the sun so make sure to use SPF. Water proof, lotion sunscreen will protect you from the sun and pool chemicals/ salt water.  AG Sunscreen is best to protect your tan. Available in store and on our online store. 
6) While swimming: avoid soaking, every 15-20 minutes you need to air dry or pat dry. This will help the life of your tan.
We formulated our own bath and body line to compliment our Perfect Tan Sunless Solution. A variety of scents are available. Each batch is hand-crafted to ensure the highest quality for our clients.